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  1. Haley

    I want to second Ryan’s question. Do you guys have a normal podcast RSS feed for us non-iTunes users?

  2. Ink

    I caught an episode of your podcast on HowSound, and I loved it. Since then I’ve had a hard time downloading episodes through my podcast app. I’m subscribed to your feed but the app isn’t recognizing the media files. Just wanted to give you a heads up. I can still listen on soundcloud.

    • Amy

      We are working on the update to our RSS feed and should be up and running very shortly! Will post details here as soon as it’s ready. So glad you caught my interview with the HowSound podcast. Always a pleasure to talk about the business of doing good!



  3. Just wanted to know if you have a Podcast RSS feed? Itunes is not for everybody and I can’t seem to get an RSS feed to subscribe to and recommend.

    Keep up the great work!

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