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Heinz Endowments Chief: Philanthropy Faces Critical Test on Racial Equity

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Who Really Benefits When Billionaires Give Away their Wealth?

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NPR Reporter Exposes Charity’s Failings

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What’s in the Dumpster? Exploring Food Waste and Hunger in America

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Doctors Without Borders Explains Decision to Pull Out of World Humanitarian Summit

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Why I Want to Take Over the World with Shea Butter

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Struggling to Erase the Stigma of Trauma

By Amy Ta

I’m in the business of questions and answers — writing questions, procuring answers for our podcast. But when I take off my producer/editor cap and go about my personal life, these are the questions I get ad nauseam from strangers:

“What happened to your face? How’d you get those scars? Were you in a car accident?”

For those who don’t know, road bike racing was the tragic accident that happened to me — three increasingly severe crashes within two years. They damaged my skin, bones, brain, bank account, and worse of all – the way I felt about myself.

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Mom Survives Terrorist Attack With Baby, Vows to Keep Fighting Violent Extremism

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Is Philanthropy Fueling Wealth Inequality?

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Beenish Ahmed. Credit: Victoria Fleischer.

Doing Good as Muslim American and Being Shut Down

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